Dec 29, 2012

Pink blooms

Rare persona... in you desert rose
In the sandy ocean, you devote for better life,
Amazing grace based on your strongest will
Days without rain while the sun vapor the strength
Resistant but beauty even the land is burning thee
Root of hopes now stronger to find water deeper
True charisma, exist in you, desert rose

Pink blooms, attracts passerbys - even to the house dwellers returning home from work. Lovin' it because they will bloom, in a huge way, throughout the day, sunny, rainy, stormy, windy, night falls, under twinkling stars, etc. Immaculate over a week until it dries up and falls. I adore them, just leave them on their own (minimal care) - they will choose the time to bud and bloom. And when they do ... they made sure you'll notice!

Admiring from afar, see how wide and open their petals, as if standing out tall in glory, untainted. Such innocence and pure - vividly bright. Saying 'it's time to shine!'

Nature life's lesson, noted.

Aug 20, 2012


[Stuck on blogging? Yup, been away and rusty.]

Wishing all Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya. Safe journeys to all during this 'Balik Kampung' fever. It's a time where families reunite over home-cooked meals, sharing joys and concerns. Children out to play. It's a long holiday, over the weekend. 

We somehow prefer to savour the tranquil and quietness in our patio; wafts of Kesidang's blooms and Water Jasmine fragrance next to us. Savouring the sight of Water Jasmine; like tiny bright white stars hanging from its branches. (I've relocate them filtered from evening sun, to be able to catch more rain when weather permits).

Truly a feel good factor - an escape from daily traffic congestion, hectic workload, demanding people, hazy weather, etc. Relieved - finally a weeklong of rain rejuvenates outdoor greens and flowering plants, cools the earth - keeping haze and dust at bay.

Yellow Turnera (which we fondly calls it 'Yellow Texas') used to be at where Water Jasmine is - now its big blooms giving brightness of colour in the mornings amongst the leafy plants; Calatheas, Longevity, Zebras. Its tendrils reminds me of 'Ikebana'.

White blooms always fascinating, its pureness and clarity. Can't never go out-of-style with whites in green environment.

Bountiful Episcias; growing wild nowadays so occasional trimming is required. Couple months, I've potted the trimmed ones for my office workspace, indoors next to a window. One failed bloom, hoping for more will come. A week ago, I potted another round of trimming upon a colleague's request. Sadly she's leaving us end of this month.

This year, see more colleagues leaving; or away on maternity; additional tasks and superiors; a walking wikipedia; demanding deadlines - the word s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. 

Pretties in Pink and Red. Glorious under full sun, just to love them from afar and they bloom in succession, despite being over-shadowed by taller Heliconias.

Perhaps nature has its way of telling; do the best you could (and what you know and how to achieve), stand out and rise. The sun and rain will come. Have hope and faith in whatever you do, wherever you are, and however you feel.

Like the Pink Izora, tough and hardy - as it matures against all odds, it blooms in such splendor. Catches eyes, attracts attention and received appreciative glances.

Power of persistence.

Jul 6, 2012

Heaven's Clear Sky

How beautiful is the bright, clear sky above us! What a glorious sight it is! The sun, when it appears, proclaims as it rises how marvelous a thing - Sirach 43

Driving on highways, grining all the way - just how marvelous God's creation, Mother Nature shines. Rains and winds had swept away weeks of smog and mid day heat.

Feels like Heaven so close to us.

Sweet smelling Kesidang and Water Jasmine in blooms, cascading soft fragrance - close your eyes, breathe deeply and inhale sweetness of Mother Nature.

Wishing being greeted this way on the way to work - everyday.

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